Tasty Tuesday – Cannabis Infused Food Reviews

COMPANY: Elevated Extractions/Lifted Edibles – Vegan/GlutenFree/NonGMO – Variety: Peach/Banana Bites, Granola Bites, Pineapple Delight, and more! See the photos below!




Company: Chronic Confections
Product: The Original Sugar Shatter
Instagram: @ChronicConfections
Made with dewaxed shatter

I don’t usually try new things when it comes to Medibles but I needed something to tackle my monthly migraine, I was on day 5 of a really bad one. I am not a chocolate fan so cannabis infused food items are usually too sweet for me but Chronic Confections had an even mixture of something sweet, sour and heavily medicated. What’s the difference? Well, it’s made with high quality dewaxed shatter. All of the BHO used is purged for 72 hours prior to being mixed into the candy.

I was given some samples of their watermelon and pomegranate flavors. At first glance in it’s nifty jar, the pieces looked like something out of a comic book(and that’s a positive remark coming from me); jagged edges and an intriguing shiny finish that was only enhanced by a bright color to represent the flavors and topped with powdered sugar. Clearly made by someone who cared and understood culinary aesthetics.

Something special and surprising about this delicious hard candy, was that I had a very small amount and it hit the body a little faster than the average edible; much less than an hour later I was feeling the migraine-throbbing behind my eyes subside. This was refreshing because having to wait an hour or more, in pain, isn’t desirable but is fairly common – and often a turn off for many when it comes to choosing their method of consumption.

Chocolate has been over done; we all know that and in recent years gluten-free and vegan pastries, medicated gum, sublingual strips, and more have been created by the innovative minds of our ever-growing industry… But with the popularity of BHO rising daily we have to accommodate and begin to create products that can be comparable to patients highly concentrated dabs, for when they can’t break out the GPen or their rig and torch- And I believe Chronic Confections has done just that!

To find out where this candy is stocked just follow them on Instagram! @ChronicConfections

Photos below!



Company: Kiva Confections
Product: Chocolate Bars
Instagram: @KivaConfections (on IG)

Kiva Confections recently moved their headquarters from Northern California to Van Nuys, this has allowed them to set up a lot more dispensaries with their products, which was desperately needed! Kiva takes pride in making an extraordinary product , with a taste that is unmatched by dozens of other chocolatiers. The dosing on the packaging is great as well as how it is defined on the piece of chocolate itself; it looks like chocolate that could go main stream and be on the counters of every Starbucks or Trader Joe’s- I appreciate that considering how much change we have experienced in our movement.. Acceptance is important right now and a product like this would be acceptable anywhere.




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