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Over the years I have read some great reviews, recipes and testimonials for Rick Simpson Oil(RSO). I have decided to compile them all here and share, for those who are beginning their research now.

I will have to reiterate ; these are opinions and reviews – these are not doctor testimonials , unless otherwise noted. These are not instructional manuals either. Always consult with your doctor(s) and family openly about your search for holistic and natural alternatives to traditional medicine, take control of curing your condition.

You have every right to fight for your life as much as they do!
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November 6, 2013
Posted by Member: 420Motoco
(I thought this was clear, concise and so helpful for some beginners–Christina..)
How to Dose Correctly Using Rick Simpson Concentrated Cannabis Oil
Mission Statement:

This OPINION is a guide for people who have run out of all traditional medical options for cancer or other serious illness, have heard of concentrated cannabis oil and its healing properties, and want to treat themselves or a loved one in a safe manner. These opinions are expressed for humanitarian reasons only.


The healing process can be overwhelming when people become seriously ill. Consider having a family member or friend help you with this process, as they may be more capable of focusing on the task at hand without the added stress and anxiety that comes with being ill. Your choice is your own regarding what brands, items and materials you choose. Once you start healing, you may look back and think “that was easy” and pay it forward to help others.

What you need to start with:

• Concentrated Cannabis Oil (aka Hash Oil/Honey Oil/RSO-Rick Simpsons Oil). Other oils are not applicable for tacking properly. You alone are responsible to know the potency and quality of the concentrated cannabis oil you’re using for treatment.

• Oral syringes with caps for storage – for ease of application (applied to finger). They are marked with indicators that are used as reference points to assist with increasing dosage sizes as needed.

• A stainless steel cuticle pusher that is flat on both ends. It is essential for removing a dose that’s too large from your finger, and has many other uses in the making of concentrated cannabis oil.

• A plate warmer/coffee mug warmer can be used when adding thinners such as organic grape seed or coconut oil, or the blending and mixing of other strains of concentrated cannabis oil that may need adjustment. A hair dryer with a low heat and fan setting is recommended to warm up the concentrated oil on your index finger before application (when the concentrate is cold). Rinsing your mouth out with ice water gets your gums cold, and the concentrated oil adheres easier to the gums if they are colder than the oil. Pay attention when it’s warm, as the oil comes out much faster.

• If making your own cannabis concentrate use only the safest legal solvent to make the cannabis concentrated oil. Food grade solvents/carriers meet these safety precautions and are safe for consumption (search the internet for food grade alcohol/ethanol solvents). These may or may not be legal in your state, and your acquisition of these are solely your decision. Also, please keep in mind that food grade solvents/carriers, while safe for consumption, are still very flammable! Caution, safety and common sense should be used.

• While there are many informative videos and articles available, most have been edited so they can be more easily read. Unfortunately, some of the edited information is vague and misleading. Confusion is why cannabis is a Class 1 drug. If these opinions are followed correctly your journey to heal will begin in a safe non-euphoria environment while continuing your lifestyle. For those who are bed ridden or weak, this may improve your health. Ideally, you will be up and about living normal life again while healing. If it is too late for treatment your quality of life may be vastly improved with minimal pain, so that you can pass in a humane way instead of feeling lethargic and drugged.

• Some of the best advice you can receive is have a positive outlook. Do not fear the unknown. Take charge, have patience, don’t second guess what is happening, and let the concentrated cannabis oil do its work. If you have an issue, correct it and continue healing. Read, read and read again.

Tacking procedure:

Take a portion about the size of a 1/4 grain of short rice and apply it on one of your index fingers. Spread the oil on your index finger, as this takes the drop shape and flattens it on your finger (which is much easier to control while applying on the gums). A cuticle pusher is an excellent tool for this.

Place your index finger between your gum and cheek with the concentrate towards your gum. Then hold against the gum without moving for as long as it takes to tack/stick/adhere to your gums. Then, slightly moving your finger in a circular or side to side fashion, rub until you feel it grab to your gum. Do not proceed until it adheres to the gums. Remove your finger and inspect where the rest of the concentrate has moved. Apply right next to your first tacky spot, and keep repeating using the same method. Do this until all the oil is gone. A light film will be left on your finger; warmed with a hair dryer, it can be used as a topical application for cuts, bruises, pimples, burns, etc. The illustration below is an example of where to apply tacks to your bottom gum. Keep in mind, this is just an example, and any area on your bottom gum can be used. If you use dentures on your bottom row of teeth, remove them and tack per instructions before putting the dentures back in.

Note: If using a daytime oil and a nighttime oil keep those tack spots separate. Keep your daytime tacks on one side of your bottom gum and your nighttime on the other side. Some people prefer a more “uplifting” strain for their daytime oil, and a more sedative oil for nighttime usage. As an example: if you put your nighttime tack on your daytime tack you will be UP.

Concentrated Cannabis Oil is a powerful, potent medicine and should be respected as such. Always start off using small amounts, then build your way up to the amount required to kill cancer (1 gram total per day). It should take approximately 5 weeks to achieve 1 gram per day. As your dose amounts increase, be cautious and divide that amount up into small doses until gone. Applying more frequently during the course of a day keeps the medication constant and level in your system, and eliminates high-low spikes. Taking a little extra time for correct application is the smart choice for safety. If you want to use for preventive maintenance or wellness use an amount the size of one grain of rice per day.

Tips on using Concentrated Cannabis Oil:

It takes a time for the oil to get fully regulated in your system. Be patient, as everyone’s system and makeup is slightly different. It typically takes 3-5 days on average. This method of tacking, if done properly, should provide no euphoric “high”. Many think it is not working and start taking more than advised, resulting in feelings of euphoria at unexpected times. Once you start your regiment on concentrated oil you will begin to notice small changes. Before long you should feel healthier and a greater sense of wellness.

Be sure to start your tacking when at the beginning of your day. Eat breakfast first, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out, then apply your first tack of the day. Always take your medication after you eat, and follow the same procedure of cleaning and rinsing your mouth out before tacking. This prevents the concentrate from getting on food particles stuck in your teeth and washing down to your stomach, possibly resulting in an unexpected euphoria.

When building up your regimen with concentrated cannabis oil, increase how many times you take your medication per day. Let’s say you worked up to a grain of rice, and now you want to increase to a grain and half. Your regimen for a grain of rice was two times a day. You’ll now want to increase the applications to three times a day. If you increase the amount to two grains of rice you would increase your applications to four times a day, etc. Once you achieve a gram of concentrated oil a day, you would optimally apply eight to ten times throughout the day. Using this example ensures you maintain control, and allows your body to be regulated without having low or high spikes. The process should become easier with experience.

Pay attention to how your body feels. If you feel nauseous, in most cases you need to simply eat a snack and drink some water. It should go away quickly. If left untreated, anxiety may set in. A simple snack or some water should help you feel better. If you are feeling a little off, you can add a tiny little booster tack. Boosters do not change your tacking regimen or the amount of your medication. Boosters shouldn’t be needed often, but are worth considering in cases of physical exertion or when you feel a little more tired than usual. A good rule of thumb is to first eat and drink. If that does not work take a booster application.

When using concentrated cannabis oil you must stay hydrated with water. Even if you’re not doing anything, your body’s metabolism is raised using daytime oil. Always keep water around you. A good reminder is when you’re done urinating, drink water immediately after.

Pay close attention when using Concentrated Cannabis Oil in combination with prescribed blood pressure, pain and sleeping medications. Always stay hydrated, and be sure to maintain a healthy diet.


NOTE: This information is provided for educational purposes only. We bear no responsibility if this information is misused.

Many thanks to 420 Magazine for allowing the avenue for awareness!


By: Lincoln Horsley

Someday the name “Rick Simpson” with be a household name. He will be known as the man who rediscovered the cure for cancer by everyone. Rick’s journey to finding the cure for cancer starts back in 2003. In 2003 Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. He had 3 spots of cancer on his body. 2 on his face and 1 on his neck. Rick’s decision on how to handle this diagnosis would be world changing.

After not having much luck with surgery Rick decided to try something different. For almost a year Rick had been extracting the oil from the cannabis plant and ingesting it orally. He had been taking the oil for other health reasons but the cancer diagnosis reminded him of something and gave him an idea. He remembered a radio headline he heard almost 30 years earlier. The radio headline had stated that the University of Virginia had found the cannabinoid in cannabis THC could kill cancer in mice. He figured that if it kills cancer in mice it would kill his cancer too.

Rick’s decision was to apply cannabis oil to his skin cancer. He applied his cannabis oil to some bandages and put them on the skin cancer. After 4 days of waiting he decided it was time to see if anything had happened under the bandages. To Ricks surprise the cancer was gone. His cannabis oil had cured his cancer.


HOW to MAKE Rick Simpson Oil Video here

CANCERTUTOR.COM The Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Protocol For Cancer
How Cannabis Oil Works to Kill Cancer Cells – CureYourOwnCancer.Org





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