Product Review – Non-Edible Items

March 31,2015 



 I was recently blessed with a tin of Hepburns, “hand produced cones with cannabis and ice water hash”. I was very intrigued by the pink and purple, stonery-but girly-packaging before I even read the label to find out what was inside. Once I actually took in what I was reading, I appreciated that the labels were very clear, informative and complimentary to the clean and feminine packaging. There were two options for sizes; a six pack and a five pack. The 6 pack has larger Hepburns, almost a gram in each and the smaller ‘Burns are about a half gram.  I chose the smaller cones of the two. Upon sliding the tin open, I felt a very giddy feeling come over me because I could see the perfectly packed cones, and I could smell the Ambrosia (flower that I haven’t had in a long time) and Grapefruit Haze (a great choice for the ice hash in this batch). I immediately lit it up and took in that first puff of Ambrosia and Grapefruit. True to form the Ambrosia provided a very robust/piney flavor and the grapefruit hash definitely filtered it with a ‘citrusy’ after taste. Three puffs in, I could feel the strong sativa high kick in. I was energized with a laser focus to finish a project before bed time. By the time I was half-way through the joint I was thinking of the patients that would love this product because it takes so much of the extra time and effort of getting ready to smoke out of the equation-so useful in a time-crunch scenario. Not everyone can smoke bong rips all day, and some people have conditions where their fingers don’t have the same dexterity that they used to, so they’re unable to roll- and some people just don’t have the time, or skills, LOL. So this product is an item of convenience and I believe that a lot of lady stoners will embrace it for more than that,and plenty will find a necessity for this in their purse. This company is ran by women and they’re driven and sharp as a tack! I had the opportunity to hear their story and truly appreciate the work that they put into marketing it and producing a product that I believe could become a household name.

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