Update – California – Part 2

On Friday, the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation released the first draft of its proposed rules for the state’s medical marijuana industry.

The over 54 pages of guidelines, sets standards for how the commercial-grade side of medical marijuana will be regulated. It goes as far as detailing how it must be stored, transported, tested, tracked and sold.

Don’t get too heated- the next 45 days is known as “the comment period” of these proposed rules where concerned parties; like industry leaders, law enforcement, marijuana entrepreneurs, politicians and most importantly, YOU- patients and the general public. Keep in mind these rules only apply to medical cannabis… they could however be replaced or applied to rules for the adult-use marijuana rules released last month by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Although only looked at as a draft… It is likely that this will be what we will get on Jan. 1, 2018, when the rules go into effect.



“*Marijuana businesses in operation on Jan. 2, 2018 have until July 2018 to apply for a permit and can stay open until their permit is processed.

*Permits can’t be bought or sold. If a marijuana business is sold, the new owner needs to apply for a new permit.

*Marijuana sold in the state—won’t be subject to mandatory lab testing until six months after a seller receives a permit, or by the end of the year, whichever is sooner.

*No cannabis can be sold on consignment—good news for marijuana producers, in theory.

*Marijuana businesses must have a “labor-peace agreement,” allowing union organizers to try to sign up marijuana workers.

*You’ll be able to patronize your local cop-owned cannabis dispensary. Cops can operate a marijuana business, as long as it’s located in a different county from where they patrol the streets.

*No free samples. There’s a strict prohibition on handing out weed for free, meaning the free pre-roll for first-time customers may be a thing of the past. This would apply to free dabs as well. There’s a similar ban on other license-holders giving away product, spelling bad news for the demo days (and free dabs!) that many marijuana brands use to build their customer base.

*The rules also seem to spell bad news for businesses like the self-styled “Uber of marijuana,” delivery startup Eaze. No deliveries can come via a third-party, all deliveries must be performed by an employee of the dispensary.” – Cannahoo.Com

All drafted regulations can be read in full here

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