CBD Bill passes Delaware Senate, heads to House

On Tuesday, a cannabis oil bill that would permit children the use of medical marijuana-based oils to treat debilitating medical conditions was unanimously approved in the Delaware Senate. 
The measure, officially Senate Bill 90 w/ SA2 and sponsored by Sen. Ernie Lopez (R-Lewes), was commonly referred to as Rylie’s Law for 9-year-old Rylie Maedler, from Rehoboth Beach, who suffers from intractable epilepsy, a condition which does not respond to traditional drugs.
Maedler, recovering from surgery that removed a bone tumor from her face, began suffering from seizures following the operation. 
“This is what constituent-driven legislation is all about, and I was just really honored that the family reached out to me and asked for me to carry this bill forward,” Lopez said. 
Medically, cannabis oil has been shown to help people with intractable and, before the introduction of this bill, children in Delaware had no access to the products available. 

“It’s not just about Rylie, there are other kids’ lives that are hinging on this,” said Janie Maedler, Rylie’s mother. “It’s an improved quality of life. When your child is battling cancer why not throw everything you can at it?”
The bill lists a number of classifications for illnesses that would be eligible for treatment, including but not limited to cancer, HIV, AIDS, or PTSD. 
“It will treat a medical condition,” said Sen. Margaret Rose Henry (D-Wilmington East), a co-sponsor. “So I want to make sure that no one thinks we’re giving children marijuana to get them high. I want that to be very clear.”

The bill now heads to the Delaware House for a vote.

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