Kansas Update 

LENEXA, Kan. — A bill that would allow the use of limited medical marijuana was approved by the Kansas House Thursday, now local families say they’re one step closer to a normal life. Some research suggests medical marijuana decreases seizures in children. One Lenexa family says legislation like this could be their three-year old’s chance for survival.

“Every seizure could be her last. She is out of medical options at this point,” Christine Bay said. Her daughter Autumn has seizures that last hours at a time. The family is at the hospital 3-to-4 times a month and the medication she’s given to stop the seizures cause her to go into cardiac arrest. The family says medical marijuana is their last hope. While opponents of the bill say they’re worried it would open the door to wider marijuana legalization, Bay hopes state lawmakers take that chance.

“To be able to find something that would help control these seizures, and be able to stop them, would be miraculous for our family. We would be able to join society again,” Bay said.

The bill is named after Otis Reed. He has seizures too, so he and his Baldwin City family relocated to Colorado for medical marijuana treatments. The Reed family testified for this bill.

The bill would also decrease penalties for marijuana possession. Most first and second time marijuana offenders would avoid jail time. The house approved it 81 to 36. The bill will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

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