Missiouri – MMJnews Update

ST. LOUIS – A type of medical marijuana is one step closer to cultivation in the state of Missouri, and soon, a treatment option for certain patients. This week, the Missouri Department of Agriculture issued two licenses for hemp cultivation and production. These are the first such licenses issued since lawmakers passed a bill last year, but permitting patients suffering from seizures to use hemp oil for treatment. Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis, and the kind used for treating seizures will not have enough of the psychoactive chemical -THC – to cause a high.

The two recipients are non-profit organizations based in the St. Louis area: Noah’s Arc Foundation, listed with a Chesterfield address, and BeLEAF Corporation, to be located on a piece of land in St. Peters.

Strict rules and regulations are associated with the two facilities that will cultivate and produce the hemp oil in Missouri. They must be at least 2,000 feet away from a school, day care, in-home care, or any area with residential zoning. Meyers said her employees will be randomly drug tested, and she will employ security at the facility. She will not be able to sell the products to patients at this facility.

Only people suffering from epilepsy are permitted to use the hemp oil treatment, under Missouri law. Those patients will have already tried other options first, and will require a neurologist’s recommendation for treatment. They will also have to apply for a registration card, then show that card when purchasing the product.

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