Redding , California – Proposed ban on outdoor grow ops!

REDDING, Calif. –

Measure A is a proposed ordinance that will be on Shasta County ballots this upcoming election.

If passed the ordinance would stop all outdoor growing of marijuana in unincorporated areas of Shasta County.

Currently, any medical marijuana patient can grow on their own property with a few land restrictions.

Measure A will only allow marijuana to be grown inside in a separate building detached from the residence.

The measure also limits marijuana cultivation to a total of 12 plants for each grow site.

It would still prohibit growing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school or other similar sensitive places.

According to those who support the measure, a yes-vote would prevent clear-cutting land, water theft, stream diversion and chemicals entering the water supply.

Kathy Grindstaff, a concerned citizen who supports Measure A, says this measure would reduce crime and would help the environment.

“This is about land use. We are trying to bring the cultivation of marijuana use back under control,” Grindstaff said. “It has just gotten so crazy here in Shasta County. It is being over-run with marijuana cultivation and we just want to see a stop to it.”

Grindstaff says by voting yes on Measure A, the quality of life in Shasta County will improve.

People who are against Measure A say the ordinance is a violation of property rights for patients who rely on medical marijuana for medicine.

Rick Arons, who owns a grow shop in Redding, is against the measure as he thinks the ordinance completely overlooks the people who need marijuana for medical purposes.

“This ban on outdoor cultivation is just hurting patients who are doing things the right way,” Arons said.

He said the priority should be with the people who need it to survive.

“It’s hugely important for a cannabis patient that needs this medicine to be able to cultivate their own. It’s the only true and safe way to be able to know what you have done to your own medicine,” Arons said.

Arons said by forcing people to grow inside, it also forces patients to purchase extremely expensive equipment to grow the marijuana correctly.

He says growing organically is the best way for people to keep costs low.

For more information on Measure A and how it may affect you can read more here.

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