Las Vegas – lawsuit by marijuana businesses denied

LAS VEGAS — A preliminary injunction lawsuit by several medical marijuana businesses has been denied. That ruling was handed down by a District Court judge Friday.

This means Judge Kathleen Delaney has ruled the state of Division of Public and Behavioral Health properly followed all rules in ranking, reviewing and ultimately selected 18 applicants for provisional medical marijuana registration certificates in unincorporated Clark County. This decision comes despite the state attorney general’s office expressing concern about how the state process was completed.

The case first came to light when a group of dispensary applicants requested a “do-over” of sorts because they said the state’s ranking process wasn’t fair or transparent. They wanted to see if the state would give them a second chance at opening up their dispensary doors to medical marijuana customers.

When Clark County approved 18 dispensaries earlier this year, the state only approved 10 of them. Five of the eight applicants who got county approval, but not state approval, opted to sue the state of Nevada, the Department of Health an

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