City of Mt. Pleasant votes to decriminalize marijuana – Michigan

City of Mt. Pleasant votes to decriminalize marijuana

By Randi Shaffer, The Morning Sun

Mt. Pleasant residents have overwhelmingly voted in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.
“This is a significant statement in Michigan politics,” Ian Elliott said.

Elliott runs Student Advocates for Medical and Responsible Use of Cannabis at Central Michigan University, and works as a liaison between the organization and the Coalition for a Safer Mt. Pleasant.

Elliott said that because a medical marijuana act had passed within both Isabella County and the city in 2008, he kind of figured the ballot proposal “had a good chance.”

“I was surprised at how high some of the precincts went,” he said. “Seeing 70 percent across the board was fantastic.”

Elliott said it was likely that a high percentage of those precinct voters were Central Michigan University students.

Elliott said that, in talking with those who spent time at the polls Tuesday, general observations indicated there was a high amount of younger voters.

“We definitely feel that the marijuana proposal had a part in it,” he said.
With a vote of 2,705 to 1,639, city residents voted Tuesday to amend the city ordinance so that nothing in the city’s code would apply to the use, possession or transfer of “small amounts” of marijuana on private property by those 21 and over.

Mt. Pleasant’s ordinance defines “small amounts” as less than one ounce.

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