First Ever Personal THC & CBD at home test kits, now available!

Cannabis Industry’s First Ever Personal THC & CBD Potency Test Kits Sold by FutureWorld (FWDG) Subsidiary CB Scientific Initial Production Run Close To Selling Out

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, Oct. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FutureWorld Corp. (OTCQB: FWDG), a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry, announces major traction of its recently launched affordable PersonalAnalytics Cannabis THC & CBD test kits. PersonalAnalytics test kits are the world’s first ever affordable home testing kits for potency of cannabis cannabinoids (THC & CBD). The tests are sold through CB Scientific, a wholly owned subsidiary of FutureWorld Corp.

“PersonalAnalytics THC & CBD” were launched only 3 weeks ago at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Everett WA and have already sold several thousand test kits with thousands more on backorder. We estimate “PersonalAnalytics” could become one of the biggest revenue drivers in the near future for FWDG and its subsidiary, CB Scientific. Currently the company is in the process of developing major distribution channels throughout the United States and Europe, with plans to attend the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam late November.

Now, anyone anywhere in the world can affordably have a quick and accurate test to see the relative potency levels of their cannabis medicine. FWDG is putting power in the hands of patients worldwide who need to use medical cannabis and hemp-related products such as CBD oil. In Colorado, California and Washington, caregivers are now able to get affordable and high-quality test results in 10 minutes or less. Patients in any other state or country also now have the opportunity to know what is in their medicine and its potency level without the high costs of an outside laboratory.

PersonalAnalytics THC & CBD: Simple, Easy, Accurate, and Affordable!

Mitch Shenassa, inventor of the IncrediBowl and winner of 18 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups, called our product “the coolest thing I’ve seen in Cannabis since my product.” Adam Dunn, host of The Adam Dunn Show on called “PersonalAnalytics” his official vote for Best Product for the next several cups.

With groups such as the CannaMoms of St Petersburg FL needing help with their son’s and daughter’s cannabis treatments, CB Scientific is making a donation of several test kits to help alleviate their concern about safety and potency of the medicines. If anyone deserves to truly know what is in their medicine before it is consumed it is our children!

Both THC and CBD home testing kits are already available at several outlets in Spokane, Washington and Denver, Colorado, including head shops, dispensaries and grow stores. The kits are also available for purchase worldwide online at

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