Maine – York and Lewiston -legalization still a possibility

An ordinance to legalize recreational marijuana in York may still go before voters in November, even though the Board of Selectmen voted not to put it on the ballot Monday night.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, Maine state law allows a notary public to put a question on the ballot if enough signatures are collected. The organization already collected the number of signatures required, so it is pursuing that option to get the issue on the ballot in York.

“Clearly a lot of York voters think that adults shouldn’t be punished for using marijuana, and they have a right to express that via the ballot initiative process,” David Boyers of the Marijuana Policy Project said.

Some selectmen said recreational marijuana legalization is not an issue that should be voted on locally before state lawmakers take action. They voted 3-2 not to put the question on the November ballot.

“If it had been legalized in the state and then the towns were given the option, I would have put it on even though I don’t like it,” said Board Chairwoman Mary Andrews.

The issue will go before voters in South Portland and Lewiston in November.

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