Battle continues in NY state -WGRZ.COM

Medical marijuana may be signed into law in New York state, but the battle continues.

Many families aren’t happy about the fact that it will still take another year and a half until forms of medical marijuana can be put into the hands of patients who need it.

State lawmakers are pushing to speed up and expand the clinical trials for medical marijuana in New York State.

Assemblyman Mickey Kearns said, “I think as legislators and as a state..we need to do whatever we can..i’m going to be reaching out to those entities.. who can possibly facilitate and move this process along to help these people who have these serious

Assemblyman Mickey Kearns is writing a letter to Governor Cuomo’s Office and the Commissioner of Health to see if they can expand these clinical lab programs so people with serious conditions might be covered in them.

A British Pharmaceutical Company is hosting these clinical trials in New York State after The Cuomo Administration signed a deal with them.
The company has a history of doing clinical trials with children who have epilepsy

But those trials need federal Food and Drug Administration approval. Assemblyman Kearns and other state lawmakers like State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer are putting pressure on their federal counterparts.

State Senator Ranzenhofer wants the State Department of Health to work with federal regulators so that these oils can be made available to children in need, if only for a trial basis, until these treatments are more widely available in New York.

2 on your side asked Congressman Higgins his opinion on creating a fast track way for qualified patients to receive the medical marijuana.

Congressman Higgins said, “if there’s a more efficient and cost effective way to do it, I understand that. But currently clinical trial are put in place to test the efficacy of a drug and what its indication is. I think that if there’ a better way, that should be pursued as well, but you have to ensure the safety of this. There’s tremendous risk when you talk about the advancement of new drugs that have not been tested.”

Congressman Chris Collins states:

“I believe that all medical treatments should be examined when looking at situations such as Olivia’s. In similar circumstances, I have supported waivers allowing families to seek treatment in other states so they can receive the care they need. The decision to allow medical marijuana is up to the states and Governor Cuomo is working toward ensuring the necessary treatment options are available.”

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