Kentucky Oil Bill Signed into Law

Beshear Signs Cannabis Oil Bill

Click here to read full bill

FRANKFORT – Kentucky farmers can grow hemp, and now Kentucky doctors can use it for medicine.

Gov. Steve Beshear signed into law on Thursday a bill that allows doctors at two Kentucky research hospitals to prescribe cannabidiol to treat patients.

The oil gets a lot of attention because it comes from marijuana plants. But Kentucky plans to get its supply from industrial hemp crops that at least seven Kentucky farmers plan to plant next month.

The bill Beshear signed comes one year after the Kentucky legislature laid the groundwork for the state to begin growing hemp again – marijuana’s less potent cousin that once thrived in Kentucky before it was banned.

The law is effective immediately. But don’t expect Kentucky doctors to begin writing prescriptions. The law limits prescriptions only to doctors at the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky research hospitals. Gary Mans, a University of Louisville spokesman, said doctors are just beginning to discuss when, how often and in what dosages to prescribe cannabidiol.

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