Pro-Marijuana Group to Collect Signatures in Oklahoma City

Pro-Marijuana Group To Collect Signatures In OKC

By Rachel Calderon

OKLAHOMA CITY – A group working to change marijuana laws in Oklahoma City is taking the first step to make that happen. On Friday, members of Reform OKC will start collecting signatures.

It is the first step to make marijuana use legal in Oklahoma City. Reform OKC says its goal is to prevent people convicted of non-violent marijuana possession from serving jail or prison time.

An outspoken supporter of this is State Senator Constance Johnson. She says the petition could lead to a statewide effort to legalize the drug.

This follows Colorado and Washington State where it’s legal for recreational use. Eighteen others states allow it for medicinal use.

But opponents say pot can be easily abused and making it legal will lead to more health and public safety issues.

Reform OKC says more than half of Oklahomans polled supports their efforts. The group has 90 days to get 6,200 signatures. If it does, that would put the measure on the next citywide election.


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