Oregon Update !!

Oregon’s latest experiment with marijuana policy begins Monday – 8:30 a.m. sharp, to be exact — when medical marijuana retailers register with the state. The dispensary registry, the product of 2013 legislation, legitimizes the already-booming business of medical marijuana in Oregon, home to about 60,500 people legally allowed to use cannabis for medical purposes. For months, public health officials have laid groundwork for a new state bureaucracy: the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program. The program, funded with annual fees paid by dispensaries, begins accepting applications online Monday morning.Tom Burns, who will oversee the dispensary registry program, estimated that 350 applications will be submitted Monday, with another 50 or so coming in by the end of the first week. Dispensaries may not also serve as grow sites, a rule Burns said regulators will strictly enforce. (Retail outlets, however, may keep immature marijuana plants on hand. By law, plants larger than 12 inches are considered mature.) And while the new program regulates retail access, many other elements of the medical marijuana industry remain unchecked. Commercial marijuana producers, for instance, will continue to operate without oversight.

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