Brooklyn DA pushes to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

By Christina @Chronnoisseur

Brooklyn has always been a very hip place to live or be from. So it makes sense that the borough is now leading the way in New York to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. Ken Thompson, Kings County District Attorney, has vowed to restore his campaign by stating that he will (push to) not prosecute those caught with less than 15 grams of marijuana.

It is a well known fact that these small possession cases; 12,000 last year in the borough alone, are clogging up the criminal justice system in Brooklyn. On average it takes 362 days and several court appearances before a disposition is reached, and this is costing taxpayers money that could be better spent.

With that said, the misdemeanor troubles of the past have been lifted and it will now only be seen as a ‘violation‘, the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

Sharon Toomer, a spokeswoman for Thompson, said Thursday that the DA was committed to taking the next steps to implement the policy “as soon as possible.”

Governor Cuomo came out and promised to revive the30 year old marijuana program and that move definitely opened up a new conversation about medical and recreational cannabis use for the state of New York.

The medical program, which Medifaded.Com (ironically now that I look back), shared with you in December, is the center of quite the debate. The conditions aren’t for those in chronic pain, it is for only for specific cancer patients and the terminally ill…to make it even more confusing for residents, the medicine is only available at 20 local hospitals….Don’t get me wrong. This is great progress for NY I just feel that it leaves many patients out, who are also suffering-just not terminally, who still deserve safe access.

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