SAN JOSE — City officials have began the process of shutting down dispensaries next to homes as part of strict new regulations.

The city council voted 8-3 in favor of new laws that they expect to take a final vote on in March.

The regulations would limit the current 82 dispensaries to operate in less than 1 percent of the city.

As it stands that 1% is limited to the most industrial, northern tip of San Jose. The new rules also mandate all dispensaries be 1,000 feet away from schools, parks, rec centers, libraries or other marijuana vendors. They’re also banned within 500 feet of rehabilitation centers and 150 feet of residential properties.

For now, letters will be sent out to current dispensaries in violation of the new laws, informing them that they are illegal and need to shut down and expect all of those dispensaries to be closed within a month or two.

Councilwoman Rose Herrera led the charge at the meeting to ban the pot shops altogether,but that effort failed by a 7-4 vote. Although that effort failed… It feels like this is still a win for those in support of the ban… Because with the new rules 99% of marijuana dispensaries in the area are going to have to shutdown.

Proposed map is below


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