Thoughts On Concentrates

Below is an excerpt from my article for hailmaryjane in regards to my experiences and feelings about BHO.

Concentrates have always been a big part of our lives as patients, however its focus in recent years has changed from the water extraction or bubble bag method we are used to seeing everywhere to butane extracted honey oil or BHO, as we call it. BHO has been around a long time but only recently has it become a favorite type of concentrate amongst patients, partly due to its potency. Some have even quit smoking flower altogether, because of the great relief they get. They smoke small amounts and don’t have to smoke as often because of how strong and long-lasting the high is. BHO has caused a lot of concern within the cannabis community because unfortunately, it adds more negativity to the stigmas we already face. A lot of the argument I hear is….”It tests very high in THC and CBD..” And while that may be true……It’s hard to call something “medicine” when it takes a torch that’s heating a nail, on a glass water pipe, at hundreds of degrees to receive it…Or when every other week someone is blowing themselves up making it.

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Yhoughts Thursday- Concentrates

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