1. Use very low heat as to not lower the potency or alter the biochemical characteristics of the Cannabis (Do not go over 220 degrees)
  2. Use high quality, sweet, unsalted dairy butter.
  3. Use a roughly 50/50 ratio (by weight) of plant product and dairy butter. With potent strains or flowers instead of trim the ratio can be easily changed to 10/1 (butter to plant). The resulting butter will have lighter color and better taste.

Bud Butter and Trim Butter: Manicure and dry flowers and/or bud trimmings.

1) Grind to a powder with an electric coffee grinder.

2) Melt the unsalted dairy butter first in a crock pot set on low.

3) Gradually add the trim or flower powder with constant stirring.

4) Cook in crock pot covered on the lowest setting with frequent stirring for two to four hours.

5) Before the dark green butter cools, pour through a cheese cloth or a very thin strainer-as thin as possible so you do not end up with leaves in your butter- and squeeze into plastic tubs.

6) Once the butter cools you can cover the tubs and place them in the refrigerator to finish cooling.

Potency: Potency of butter can vary tremendously depending upon the strain and which portions of the plant are used. Adding four to six ounces of powdered bud trim to two pounds of dairy butter will produce extremely powerful butter. Adding 2-4 tablespoons of such butter to a recipe that serves 10 means that each portion is receiving approximately 1-3 grams of Cannabis. Cookies and brownies made with this butter can be even stronger. Most of the good cookie recipes call for as much as 16 tablespoons of butter to three dozen cookies. These cookies are strong. Although patient dose requirements for orally delivered Cannabis are 4-10X higher than when smoked, one can see a portion can be quite potent. Unlike smoked Cannabis, the effects of the butter will appear more slowly and have much longer duration.

Storage: Butter can be kept in the freezer in airtight containers. Butter kept in this fashion can last many months. One should frequently inspect the butter to insure mold has not spoiled it. If mold has developed or the butter has been exposed and become rancid then it is best to toss it. When in doubt, throw it out.

Crock-pot tip:If you’ve got a crock pot (with a ceramic lining), you’re going to want to collect enough materials to fill it at least half way. That’s the safety recommendation from the crock pot manufacturer… the sides heat up, and most recommend to be filled about 3/4 full, to prevent those sides from getting piping hot while the liquid below is still cold. If that happens, you risk shattering your ceramic lining and wasting whatever materials you’ve put in there so far.


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