**Scoped**Blackberry Soda – HigherLoveSD Review


Blackberry strains are known for their aesthetically pleasing nugs and delicious scent… HIGHERLOVESD’S Blackberry Soda completely out did itself, in a very good way…it exceeded my expectations and delivered exactly what I needed.

I saw a photo on Instagram and I have to say that because of that photo, I wanted to smoke it! That does not happen very often for me, because looks aren’t everything when it comes to my medicine…..BUT -this one will catch any marijuana connoisseur’s eye with its jewel-like purple leaves, emerald hues, amber tones and the powdery (like, Big Bear powdery!!) amount of trichomes- it is a MUST HAVE…. I can absolutely say that looks alone set this strain apart from any other blackberry hybrids I have tried.

I always look forward to the fresh aroma of quality cannabis and for it to stick to my fingers when packing bowls – the blackberry did not disappoint…it has a very strong, candy-like smell w/a bite that made my mouth water and it was sticky and fresh!!

As I inhaled the first “hit” I felt it fill up my chest, expand slowly and then go straight to my head, like it was on a mission; with the relief I needed behind my eyes due to a migraine! As I exhaled I could taste a hint of a very sweet berry with a touch of pine; light coughing and though I felt a ‘heaviness’ it was not one that made me lethargic…..it put me at ease and it did something marijuana is great for : F O R G E T T I N G!!!!! I didn’t even remember I had a headache! I was able to keep working…NO PROBLEM!!! With most hybrids, it is unpredictable what each patient will get from it. After all, it is a plant and all of us have different body chemistry.

Some people will get the indica effects and some will receive the sativa end…. I felt the perfect balance of 50/50 with this one; a slight rapid heart beat to keep me filled with energy, elation emotionally and physically…. very at ease, relaxed but not tired.

I had to be active that day but the migraine I had was slowing me down and the blackberry just kept lifting me up throughout my long work day (12 hours on that weekend) so this ended up being the ideal medication for the day.


















3 thoughts on “**Scoped**Blackberry Soda – HigherLoveSD Review

  1. I was the first out with this strain.. My friend is the one that cross breaded this strain.. lol I love that with in a year it’s everywhere… lol please let someone say they created this strain. Contact me I’ll prove then wrong

    • Haha that is great, do you have any clones??? Hahahaha hash my friends shop had it, I dunno aannyyyytthhhiinngg about the history and no one has ever told me. So you are IT !! Hahaha and if ANYONE comes I will let you know!! Thank you for stopping by, I’m so appreciative of comments on my website, so thanks again!!!!!

      Also, I’m not kidding about the clones lol 😉

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