Master Kush – Quality Genetix of Beverly Hills

Master Kush – Quality Genetix

I had never heard of Quality Genetix before, a new dispensary in Beverly Hills…but I visited their booth at HempCon and met the owner who was pleasant and compassionate; offered me a free gram of their signature strain: Master Kush. I learned a lot about the very kind people who work there and their enthusiasm for this industry, which I found quite refreshing since most people at these events aren’t so genuinely enthused at meeting new people anymore.

Master Kush is a favorite indica of mine so I was delighted to get a sample. It is a strain that is extremely popular in the dispensaries of southern california …for one reason: you can count it. You can tell a patient that it will put them to bed or ease their pain and it will. This rich indica packs a solid punch to your eyes, and they obey-almost immediately! I rushed home and opened my jar to take in that deep, musk was so fresh it tickled my nose!! Trichomes in all the right places and a gorgeous green tint with beautiful, bright, golden hairs.

Once loaded up in my bong I sat down and thank goodness I did because the rip I took floored me and my eyes felt like they were closing before I could finish exhaling.EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!!!!!

Pure Indica feeling(full body high no head high, no rapid heart rate) and taste. Straight to the body and very long-lasting. I put the bong down after the one hit…..and I slept very heavily but awakened with a clear head to start my new day!! I ended up waking and baking with it too because it was so good-good thing I planned on staying home all day because this was not for the AM needs! ha..ha..ha! Next time I am in LA you better believe I WILL be stopping by this beautiful (from photos on IG @qualitygenetix) up and coming dispensary to get some goodies!!!!I hope you do too


930 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 855-0420



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